“THEE QUEST”-The #1 Benefit of Not Exercising If You Are Obese

Not Exercising is the greatest excuse obese people have for being “Obese”.

Take exercising away and what is the next excuse?

Seeing positives when you are obese can be a real struggle. Learn to find positives inside your negative thoughts. When you are overwhelmed with thinking about what to do, write your negatives down and look at them from a different perspective. Here is a great example of what I mean:

  • The #1 benefit of not exercising when you are obese is not having to worry about it ever again.

Every time I mention exercise to someone that is struggling with their weight, I look for the facial expressions. What I see is fear, stress, loneliness, despair, pressure and many other feelings just by mentioning the word. If I tell them that exercise is not part of losing weight and that they need not exercise ever again, the expression on their face is of disbelief at first but then their faces light up. I sense their relief and feel that their defense about talking about their obesity is shifting.

If exercising creates fear, why do we talk about it so much? Losing weight and being able to live a healthier life should be the only reason we need to talk about obesity. I fail to understand why we assume all people need to be training for the Olympics in order to be healthy. Exercising in most people’s mind is a terrible negative. I would rather work with a positive attitude than any negative.

Start today by jotting down all the negatives you see in being obese on one side of a blank piece of paper. On the other side write all the benefits of being healthy. Eliminate exercise from your mind and start working on the benefits of being healthy. Exercising is just an excuse for not looking at other much more important reasons for being healthy. Food for thought.

THEE QUEST is all  about building dreams. You need to see the light at the end of a tunnel to dream. If your vision is blurred and you cannot see clearly, how can your dream seem real?

Taking all the excuses away makes things seem easier. They are not easier unless you truly believe in “YOU”.

Pierre on behalf of the THEE QUEST team.