“The 28 Days to Perfect Health Challenge” Day 28

Welcome to day 28 of “The 28 days  to perfect health challenge”

Congratulations to all of you that have made it through to this point. We hope you have found the information to be helpful.

To those of you just starting, part way through or who are yet to start hang in there!

You have one last task-Planning your next steps

This will be the time to take a step back from the last month and to plan your next steps. If you came here to learn how to lose weight and attain and maintain a perfect health lifestyle, you need to plan your next step.

This doesn’t mean you need a highly developed strategy-it just means you need to put a little time aside, every now and then to ponder what you want to achieve and how you want to do it. We have offered many solutions to all kinds of health problems. Now is the time to see what will fit best for you.

Develop a Plan for Your Following Month

If you are the kind of person that struggles with discipline or routine We would recommend setting aside a little time to develop some kind of a plan for the next month.

Look over the tasks of the month you were given and map out the ones you should look at the most on a calender, or on your computer.

Set out some of the tasks on your calender and define the objectives you need to cover and set time limits.

You might want to plan your tasks on a weekly basis. You might want to include activities around your tasks – the key isn’t what you include but rather to layout a plan of the main things you feel are important to you for achieving  your perfect health goals.

You might decide to set aside daily tasks such as researching the information you need about certain foods or the types of activities available in your community to find people to help you. You should then identify a main task or two for ech day and map out these tasks to have a good balance of activity over the month. Planning is a lot but doing is the key.

Once you have a map it will be much easier to just follow your plan as you have set it out.

Over the last 28 days we have covered a lot of ground. We have not touched every aspect of perfect health but we hope that out of the last 28 days there are at least a few practical things you can build into your daily routine.

We would recommend that you simply look back over the last 28 days of tasks and identify which of the tasks you might want to take on as something you would do regularly such as ask Google the benefits and side effects of certain foods.

The reason we selected the topics and tasks that we did was simply because they are all things we do regularly ourselves. You do not need to duplicate them all yourself but please don`t simply end the 28 days and shelve what you have learned. Pick out two or three things you’ve found helpful and plan to do them more often.

Tell Someone Your Plan

Plans often remain plans and don’t become reality – but one way to help make them happen is to share them with others. Share it with friends on twitter, comment to us on your progress and let others know, family, friends, co-workers, share it.

28 Days to Perfect HEALTH – Where to go from here?

Many of you have asked us what happens now with the 28 days to perfect health challenge? Many of you have enjoyed the tasks, the teaching and the community around this project and it does seem incredible to just end it here. There are a few ways that we will extend things in a less intense kind of way:

1. 28 days to perfect health workbook

Many have suggested you would like to own a copy of the daily tasks. We are currently working on putting something together into an e-book/pdf workbook which would enable you to go through the tasks again at you own pace as many times as you like. There will be a small cost associated with this for those who want to grab a copy. We will share more on how you can get it in the coming week or so here on our blog.

2. More Tasks

Over the coming weeks and months we will continue to use our blog to send occasional task to those that participated. It will not be daily. We will give out details as they occur.

3.Special offer

In the next couple of days and weeks we will send out posts with special offers to all 28 day participants offering training, follow up and other ways to improve and maintain your perfect health the way we see it.

4. Creating a forum for all to participate in giving and receiving opinions and or help.

It is our opinion that many of you need guidance and this forum can and will be monitored to ensure all question get answered. This forum will remain open indefinetely. Our hope is to expand the forum in the coming months to be even broader for all perfect health seekers. TheeQuest.com is going to become much more of a COMMUNITY (more of this soon).

Pierrette and I and the whole Thee Quest Team want to thank you all for paticipating in the incredible adventure over the last 28 days. It has been a lot of work but a lot of fun at the same time. When you love what you do the stress is always worth it.

We want to thank all our guest and others(to many to mention) for all your help and support along the way.

We especially want to thank Mike Cliff James for the wonderful send-of to this “The 28 days to perfect health challenge”

To Lisa Moreau for your help in defining what we are about and why.

To Chip Esajian for your continued extraordinary positive support.

Pierre & Pierrette Trudel

Thee Quest