Perfect Health-Eat More,Exercise Less – A Formula to Beat Obesity

Starvation is one of the main reason’s why so many people are obese these days. Yes, eating all the wrong foods makes your body crave for more, at all times of the day.

Many associate binging with bad habits and they are probably right. Your habits of eating all the wrong foods, at the wrong times, put your mind in starvation mode and your mind thinks you are trying to starve yourself by eating all the meaningless food. The more you eat, the more your mind thinks you want to eat. Pretty scary?

Every time you exercise you are telling your body to store food in case you need it later. Your body is trying to get the most out of what you put in your mouth to insure your survival. It does not care that you are feeding yourself with hamburgers or salads, it just needs to keep you alive.

Every time you make an effort to exercise, your body needs to remind you that you need to get nutrition to replace the effort to balance the survival equation.The more you exercise the hungrier you become.

That is the opposite of what you always thought and so did I. Exercise helps you energize, tone, maintain good circulation, improve breathing but, it does nothing to help you lose weight.

Going to a gym to lose weight is very popular. Most people that go, do so with only that in mind. Why do people leave a gym after just a short time? Because it does not help to achieve their goals.

Going to a gym should only be done after you have lost the excess weight on your frame. Leave the exercise for fitness and look at other alternatives to help you lose weight.

You need to eat more nutritious foods, and exercise less than you think, in order to sustain real changes in your life. Exercise is the number one excuse most of us associate with the fact that we are overweight. Boy, are we wrong! Food for thought.

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You need to decide. Live or die. Simple.

Pierre & Pierrette Trudel

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