Labradoodle and Perfect Health

What do dogs have to do with Perfect Health?

Finding your way when you are healthy offers many choices in life that have always eluded you. If having a dog seemed impossible or highly improbable, maybe you need to give life a second chance.

I have asthma and always thought that having a dog would not be part of my life. Well now that I have my head on right I think more and more about what I can do and not the limitations I use to impose on myself. OK, maybe not any kind of dog, but, maybe one that is hypoallergenic?

Labradoodles are frequently reported as being non-allergenic, or hypoallergenic, or allergy-free. You need to be aware, however, that different people react differently to different dogs. Poodles are well known for being good pets for some people who are allergic to dogs.

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Being in Perfect Health gives you your life back. It brings your mind back to reality. If you have been eating nothing but junk, now is the time to say no more. Let me have my life back.