Perfect Health With Dan-Why We Need To Eat Healthy

Hi everyone and thanks for joining Pierrette & I to talk and hear about Perfect Health. We have a short video series we would like to share with you.

Many people affected our vision of health over the last couple of years and we want to share some of these great people with you.

  • Here is an individual that circles the earth bringing his Health message to anyone that will listen.
  • We learned a lot from his methods.
  • We began to understand the importance to learn all we can, not only about our bodies but also assume the role we have in making our bodies as healthy as possible.
  • Having fruits and vegges enter your body is so important that most of you have no idea why. eating needs to be more about understanding than just going through the motions.
  • You need to be more involved and responsible.
  • To do all of this you need to learn. One fruit at a time and one vegetable at a time.
  • We have the tools. Do you have the energy to learn?

Enough of me, please watch this video and ask Pierrette & I questions. We will answer them personally.


Have a great Sunday. Share this video with friends and family.



Pierre & Pierrette Trudel

Founders of Thee Quest