Why are so many People so Sick?

Learning how to eat the right foods at the right times and for the right reasons has never been taught to us.

Why are so many People so Sick?

Understanding the principles of how our body works should be part of every curriculum in every school  in the world.Yes, I agree with you,we all know this. Our parents have shown us all the “way”,right?

Wrong,wrong.wrong.…….What we have learned from our parents was taught to them by theirs and so on…..Why then are so many people so sick?What have we learned that is making us all so sick?

  • Hospitals are full of people all the time…..Pharmacies are selling drugs like their was no tomorrow?
  • Gym’s have popped up all over the world and are full of health Guru’s.Weight loss experts are everywhere. Bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery)  is easily accessible in many countries.

Their is more food growing around the world then their ever was in history.Many people from around the world are working to help everyone have access to clean water.More money is being spent to help children then ever before.Many organisations exists to help the homeless and the poor.

Why are so many People so Sick?

  1. What is it that we are all missing?
  2. What is it that we simply do not understand and or refuse to accept?
  3. What is so wrong in the world that we just cannot stop…….and ask ourselves all these questions.

Our parents have passed down to us all their bad habits.Yes and they do not do this on purpose.They do it because they do not know any better and their parents before them did not know any better than they did.

  • If your parents died of heart problems, chances are you will also.
  • If they died of cancer, chances are you will have cancer also.
  • If your mom and dad have high cholesterol, chances are you do also.
  • If your parents are diabetic, chances are you will be diabetic also.
  • If you are running in all these “run for the cure something”, chances are that you are trying to run away from the disease that so many in your family are trying to run away from.

Why are so many People so Sick?

All that we inherit from our parents are mostly their bad habits.Think about this today…….

Changing what you put in your mouth at every meal,everyday, will go a long way to help many of us become much healthier. Why are we not doing it right now?Because we do not know any better.Schools are simply teaching all the bad habits that they have learned.And this, my friend is making so many People so Sick all over the world.

Why are we just not able to see it, is my question to you.

Pierre Trudel

Thee Quest for better health


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