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Having and maintaining Perfect Health are two different subjects. In order to have both you need to understand what your goals are and what you need to do in order to obtain them.

We at Thee Quest believe that eating smart will lead you to understand the power of the mind. You always hear the story of “Mind over Matter”, well there is a lot of truth about that. When you are weak and not in good physical condition, your mind needs all the energy it can “muster” to keep the focus on keeping you alive. As you start losing the weight and eat smarter, your brain starts looking for the next step that will help you most.

As Pierrette & I undertook our journey to Perfect Health, we vowed not to exercise. Yes, you read it correctly. We are two former athletes that wanted no part in exercising. You need to understand that we felt just like you feel right now. Overweight(obese), no energy to do anything but a dull routine day in and day out. Our mind had one focus, keep us alive. We were over 50 and looking for a soft place to land. I guess we were really dead, but still breathing, that’s how terrible we felt. Next came our decision to stop and smell the air. We knew, deep down, that we were more than what we thought. Our subconscious would not leave us alone.

This turning point was crucial because is brought out the kid in us. It put us on our feet and gave us wings. We would change, eat better and take it from there. But, no exercise. That was out of the question, until…

Eating smart was only a small part of Perfect Health. As we felt stronger and more alert, our minds wandered into the whole exercise worth of itch we had in our bodies. Your mind will let you know when and if you are ready. I know many of you know exactly what I mean right know.

Not only do I want to get into shape at 57, I want to really get in the shape of my life and never look back.

If you feel that your time has come, then join Mike Geary on a wild journey to great Perfect Health and the best body image you can muster. Just click on the “click here” button below and let your mind take over. It will tell you what to do.

I believe the Law Of Attraction brought you to Thee Quest Perfect Health today.

Believe in yourself, eat smart, think smart and enjoy the ride. You will thank yourself for it.

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