I recommend all these Usbourne books, all of them are exceptional, really worth the money!!!!!  Kids  loves these, all of them! Easy way to fit science in for homeschooling.

Good health is the foundation to a good life, positive self image and mutually fulfilling relationships! This book gives us the simple truth and missing link to great health. –John Gray, Ph. D., author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Lisa Lewis is right, if diets and diet pills worked, we would have the thinnest citizens in the world. She takes you by the hand to teach you control, control of your life and your health, ending the roller coaster weight problems. It s a straight forward with heart course telling you what has gone on in your head for a long time. Stop obsessing about weight; Lisa makes it easy to learn a path to slender health. –Dr Marlene Siersema, Author of The Thinking Side to Thin

What I love about this book is its emphasis on self reflection-we create our own reality. Lisa guides us through her own personal journey with such honesty. I have no doubt it will help to change the lives of millions who struggle with their weight. Thank you Lisa for sharing with us and helping to spread the word that all obstacles are overcome in the mind first! –J.J. Filzanes, Director of Invisible Fitness and Author of The Wine, Cheese and Chocolate Diet

By Mary Anne:   I needed a book like this and it really helped me out. This was my situation: I had never really thought about food choices – I had a decent or maybe even hyper, metabolism, all my life. In this culture, that fact alone causes you to LOOK a lot heathier then you probably are cause people pretty much assume that if you are thin, you must be in good shape and eating properly. But that wasn’t the case. I was still trying to get by, eating like an 18 year old. As a result, I have hit the age where my food choices appear to now suddenly matter to my stomach and general health, and no clue about how to take better care of myself – aside from maybe finding a better quality potato chip to call diner, or switching from half & half to 2% milk for my 2 pot of coffee a day habit. Reading this book was a revelation. I am apparently lucky to be alive. Since this is my first stab at “informed” eating, I am not to where I am following the detailed diets in the book so I can’t comment on how much better results are if you do follow them, but I at least now have a guide for planning what I’m going to eat. I stock the house with stuff that is less likely to mess me up, and I’m back on speaking terms with my stomach. For me, the book had good and usable information. From the result I got just doing what I understand so far, it was well worth the price. In fact, for me, it’s to bad this guy is only in Canada. I would love to get a personalized program. But that aside, I’m glad he has this series of books.