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MR. Chris Stubbs by himself:

I was born right outside of Dallas, Texas in a city called Irving. For thirteen years I practiced being the sickly comedian.I always had migraines, but on the days I could make folks laugh, my head didn’t hurt as much. I had always struggled with finding a challenge, so as the years moved on up,Mathematics and Science gave my mind something to do other than just sit and build pressure.
I believe it was then I also took on a bit of criminal pride and lust for power as well. With out anyone to speak of, to follow as a role model, I began using random figures of criminal and scientific power to aspire to. I did differentiate between th two, but the feelings of "breaking the mold" was all I was going for. I didn’t feel special to anyone, and felt mostly alone, so I felt anything drastic I could do would stand out and make me a person-good, bad or ugly.
My mindset became the ultimate invitation to any risky behavior that I believed I could get away with. I was particularly fond of being on drugs while I was at school, it allowed me ot exist simultaneously in two worlds, one of which I created  ans no one knew about but me, until I became overdosed in front of my entire school, in the middle of lunch.
That turning point led me to the begining of the passion for breaking a new mold, I decided tp fall in love, and I had to first figure out what that meant. This new passion,with the aid of a 7 Habits book (my first ever self help book), led me down a path to self discovery that actually helped me feel important for the first time. I set my heart on ths most incredible creature of God, that I could find at the time, and secretly committed myself to being her soul mate, and learned that without a doubt she was already mine.
She lead me to chirch, and I met Jesus, but soon I would turn my back on Him, and the rest of the world once again. As I began to sell out my principals to my lust for her, and the remants of my previous vices, the world slowly became darker for me than it hadever been. I was only 18 and death had already become my favotire toy.
For the next three years I shook my fist at God and turned my back on everything I wanted to be. I went from a healthy 220 pounds to a scrwny 165 lb soul, addicted to Hell itself. I always looked back though. I spent half of the next three years in and out of jail,clinging to the Word in the absense of temptation.
During those times I had the luxury of some family that seemed to care for me for some reason, it was through the laughter of thier children that I learned to smile again. In desperation I reached for Love again, and found peace with their mother. In the next  year she became pregnant with my  Child, but by then there was no connection left to speak of. I had once again become unwilling to seek out the path I needed to be on.
In ’05 I went homeless and spent most of my time exploring the life of Leonardo Da Vinci. He was an example for me of a life that bore the fruit of abundance. By learning of his life, I didin’t quite yet become spiritual again, but I slowly began to see that I needed to be.
I started to attract beautiful people into my life, and opportunity was under every stone I touched.In the next two years I would forget the meaning of failure all together, and walked as strong as men should.
After about a year, 2007 came to me with a business partnership that would test me to every limit. I had been working in a machine shop, learning the trade, and exploring other ventures as well, when a friend offered me a machine shop of my own. I ababdoned all paths and took the new one, not knowing that it was those other pursuits that had been giving me life. I had been working with ideas to learn how to grow with people, how to gro a business from the inside out, when suddenly, I was given one.
My ego took over from there. I began fooling myself into thoughts that, at 24 ,”I had made it”. I had more money than I could imagine spending on the way, and my motives for growing a business were but a whisper form the past.My relationships began to deteriorate and before I had knew what had happened, I was back to the old me.
The opportunity stuck around to haunt me, I went out on my own to make money to destroy myself with. I started to go back to old people and the thorns in my side festered with infection. I destroyed everything to spite myself, and as a reward God showed me that nothing had been mine in the first place.
In May of ’09 my beautiful daughter had been diagnosed with Batten Disease. It was a hard blow. I had taken her life for granted for so many years, learning I might lose her shattered everything I thought I knew about anything. Since then, I’ve stopped working, and given up a lot of distractions. I’m homeless and do not provide much, yet surprisingly, she is still taken care of very well.
I hope that by seeking direction and insight to how things went wrong, I step into a new path that gives glory to Much More Than Me. I must succeed, because her precious little life stands in the balance, as do many of those I might reach by saving her, or (should it come to be) by overcoming her loss.
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Taylor by himself: Watch this video about my life!

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Cutting Myself in Half: 150 Pounds Lost, One Byte at a Time

Mr. Tom Castignio by himself:

For the past 10 years, Tom has been cooking and teaching all around Summit County as The Mobile Chef. His cooking roots go way back to the Sunday dinner table at his Italian grandparents home. Those afternoons of gathering at the table with three generations of family to share a luscious meal, literally “from soup to nuts”, instilled a passion for fine artisan foods. Through work and international travel, Tom continued to explore different cuisines and hone his chef skills. A big fan of fresh, wholesome, natural foods, Tom’s meals feature delicious menus that are healthful and a delight to the senses.

The Ebooks available to you here are the exact notes and checklists used by Tom when he goes on site to prepare a fabulous chef dinner for his clients. Now you can easily reproduce these professional quality meals right in your own kitchen. Using fresh, wholesome foods as the foundation for these menus means you save money and eat well at the same time. Our goal is to save you time and frustration by taking care of the planning needed to create a meal that you can feel good about and will be fun and exciting to prepare.

Tom currently provides personal in-home chef service, coordinates a natural foods co-op, teaches cooking at the local community college and recreation centers, and has been host of “Cooking with Krystal” on KYSL radio, 93.9FM. This fun, educational program featured live on the air cooking right in the studio along with a focus on the benefits of healthy eating habits.

When he is not in the kitchen, Tom can be found outdoors enjoying skiing, hiking, sailing, and riding through the forest on his mountain bike. Always willing to offer a meal, he & his wife Kathy feed a variety of wild birds in the woods behind their home in Frisco. A Summit County resident since 1986, Tom enjoys all that living in the Colorado Rocky Mountains has to offer.

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Dr. Victor YC Ong, PhD by himself:

Dr Victor YC Ong is a medical scientist (Genetics and Pharmacology), and the discoverer of phytoandrogens and supra-hormone augmenters (USA Patent, 2005 and BioMed Central Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2007). He was also a pioneer in the directed drug treatment of genetic (DNA mutation) disease (The Lancet, 1999; impact factor 16, top-ranked clinical journal in the world along with NEJM and JAMA).

In addition, Dr Ong has authored numerous research, review and academic content in scientific, clinical and educational publications – journals, books, curricula and trial reports (ICTR) – including Annals Academy of Medicine and Molecular Human Reproduction (impact factor 3, first-ranked international journal in the field of Obstetrics & Gynaecology).

Dr Ong has created an integrative healthcare model for the long term treatment of weight and weight-linked illnesses – sustainable tripartite weight management – abbreviated as STWM. The methodology in STWM is Tri-phasic Lifestyle Regimen (TLR) (Ref: War on Weight, 2007, Armour Publishing; recommended by Emeritus Professor Marcin Krotkiewski, Father of the Waist-to-Hip Ratio, Apple- and Pear-shaped obesity concept).

Novel features of STWM include diet-behavioriet-energy shifts (DBES) principle and treatment objective of lifelong ideal weight – body shape, body composition and body function (Ref: Aetiology of Individual Obesities, 2008, Armour Publishing). Apart from health care considerations, this specialized weight-healthcare model can also synergize with, and complement, the long term medical care of the Metabolic Syndrome by family physicians/medical practitioners and specialists.

Presently, Dr Ong is the Medical and Scientific Director of Embryo-Reborne Group. He also cares for patients with weight conditions, while collaborating with medical practitioners/healthcare professionals, at his specialized centre for STWM (Vivo Health Centre for Integrative Weight-Healthcare). Previously, Dr Ong was Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology with the Faculty of Medicine, Monash University. He obtained Honours in Biotechnology from the Murdoch University, Western Australia (Division of Science and Engineering) and his Doctorate (PhD), with a national university research scholarship, from the YLL School of Medicine, National University of Singapore.

Last but not least, Dr Ong holds the Australian Government-recognized Research Supervisor Level 1 Accreditation from the Monash Research Graduate School, Monash University, to teach and supervise research students enrolled in Doctorate and Masters Degree programs.

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Nanditta and Ric Colbear

Nanditta and her husband Ric, moved from a 20th floor condo in downtown Toronto to 13 acres on the Sturgeon River. Their first garden was dug by hand, one square foot at a time. Now, their garden has expanded so much they sell vegetables in the summer.

Nanditta: ” I have enjoyed replaying the last 6 years of our lives – from the urban jungle to the rural paradise. The article for Feb. has brought back so many memories of this journey and the fulfillment of goals – however small! ”

Nanditta Colbear
Kashmir Acres Bed & Breakfast
Kashmir Acres Organic Farm
Compu-Skren Communications Inc.
Tel: 705-758-6363 // 705-748-1406
Fax: 705-758-1661

Mr. Niro Thambipillay

31 year old, Sri Lankan Born Niro Thambipillay now lives in Sydney, Australia with his family. After graduating with honours in engineering, Niro quickly realised that having a job and working for someone else would not allow him to make his dreams come true. That realisation at the age of 22 completely changed the course of Niro’s life. Instead of being someone who would work up the corporate Ladder, Niro immersed himself in personal development and wealth creation.

One of the greatest realisations for Niro was that you don’t chase money for money’s sake. Rather, if you focus on adding maximum value to the most number of people, money starts to chase you. Niro is now a full time internet entrepreneur and inspirational speaker helping people break through their own limitations and create the life of their dreams.

His latest video training series talks about how to get twice as much done as you do right now in the same amount of time while everyday enjoying greater levels of inner peace and contentment than you ever have before. You can check it out at Niro believes that success does not happen in a day but it does happen daily – he believes that success is a series of simple habits and rituals that, when practised daily, lead to stunning success over time.

Niro says,”You can have everything you want in your life as long as you spend enough time preparing for it!”

Lisa Moreau

Lisa Moreau graduated from the School of Public Health with a B.S. in Exercise Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  She has extensive knowledge of the human body, mind and spirit and how they interconnect to form the whole you.  After years of studying the human body, she personally knows the power the human mind and spirit have over the body and it’s physical condition.  She has a home business and works with a company who is leading the awareness revolution in how to truly prosper in all areas of your life, and she is enjoying every single second of it!  One of her favorite quotes of all time is, “And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”(Anais Nin)  To take a sneak peek at what she is doing, check out and

Some of her favorite quotes:

“We are what we repeatedly do; excellence then is not an act, but a habit.”~Aristotle

“Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.  Who do you want to be?  Start being that person today, and your life will follow suit.”~L.Moreau

“And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”~Anais Nin

Drew Tomlinson

My name is Drew and I’m a born and raised Northern Californian that has reached middle age.  I’ve spent my high school years and onward enjoying life along with excessive alcohol and too much food.  It’s been fun but my poor lifestyle choices have pushed my weight up to 475 lbs (or 216 kg for most of the world). I am 6′ 10″ (208 cm) tall so a healthy weight for me is probably somewhere between 300 – 350 lbs (137 – 159 kg), depending upon my muscle mass. At least I found the joys of (mostly) regular gym visits in my mid 30’s or I’d probably be much worse off.

“…my problem has been the same as so many others…”

Oh sure, I’ve dieted before and had success. I consider myself somewhat of an expert as I’ve likely lost thousands of pounds over the years. But my problem has been the same as so many others. I never changed my lifestyle. I dieted. I lost weight. I felt better. Progress diminished. I slowly began to resume my previous habits. There was no immediate consequence on the scale. And then before long, I was right back to where I started. I never decided to change my lifestyle permanently!

And then there’s my back problems… I blogged about the specifics in my first post so I won’t bore you with them again here. But let’s suffice it to say that although my back problems may or may not be caused by the excessive force of gravity on my body, it certainly can’t help.

So between debilitating back problems and all the other health risks associated with obesity, I’ve have decided to change my lifestyle.  I’ve recently stumbled across a combination of programs that I believe is livable and will work for me.  More information will follow in my posts.

I started this blog to help me keep track of my progress and to hold myself accountable.  It’s very easy to quit when no one is watching. Thus I’m hoping the world (or at least a few people) will watch and help keep me on track.  I look forward to your comments.

And maybe… Just maybe… I will inspire someone else who is in a similar situation to help himself too!

James Reno

I began my raw food journey looking for a diabetes cure. But here is how I got to that point. I was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. Lymphoma to be exact. After 6 months of chemotherapy the lymphoma was gone. However, the doctors consider this “remission”. They say the only way to be sure it is truly gone is with a bone marrow transplant, OUCH! I decided not to go through with the bone marrow transplant. I have to go in for blood test every 4 to 6 months, so far so good.

In addition to all that, after the chemotherapy, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The doctors think the two (chemo and diabetes) are unrelated, but I am skeptical. Can you really put those sort of chemicals and stress on the body and not have any adverse effects? I had heard type 2 diabetes could be reversed with diet and exercise, so after a few years of half hearted attempts, I am really buckling down with my diet and exercise, and eating much, much more raw and vegan. Actually, it wasn’t so much half hearted attempts as lack of knowledge. I thought that if I ate “healthy” that I could reverse this disease. Well what many in the mainstream consider “healthy” falls really short of true nourishment, and allowing your body to heal itself. Through trial and error, as well as taking advice from a variety or sources, and eating mostly raw and vegan I was finally able to see progress towards my diabetes cure.

REVERSE YOUR DIABETES by having an excellent and concise protocol to follow. This is a fantastic ebook you can DOWNLOAD NOW by Joe Barton. I follow the advice in this book and my fasting blood glucose is consistently in the mid-90’s and trending lower! Please note that this program does not stress as much of a raw vegan solution, but does stress minimal red meats, and a large percentage of cooked and raw vegan food. Refer to it on a daily basis and you can acheive your own DRAMATIC RESULTS! Get a copy of the DIABETES REVERSAL REPORT!

In looking for a diabetes cure, I have learned that type 2 diabetes is much different that type 1. Type 2 is called adult onset diabetes, and it is really a result of poor lifestyle choices. Poor choices over time lead to improper functioning of digestion and getting the nutrients and blood glucose out of the bloodstream and into the cells that need them. I decided to dive into eating raw and vegan and this site represents my experience and what I’ve learned. The following DVD was a tremendous help and I would suggest that you consider acquiring it. This DVD shows what it is like at Dr. Gabriel Cousens Tree of Life Center and the healing is based on raw and vegan nutrition. You can learn about what’s going on, the experts involved, and SEE THE TRAILER for the film here: SIMPLY RAW DVD!

Regards, James Reno

Beverly Parenti


I have always been concerned about life balance, eating the right foods, staying fit, and keeping up with the latest health trends. As a businessperson working with the latest technologies, it is somewhat ironic that my greatest discovery for staying healthy is something that is centuries old.

My grandmother gave us vinegar to cure our sore throats, put us in vinegar wraps to ease sunburn pain, and cooked lots of dishes with vinegar. She lived to be 98. So ten years ago when a friend told me that he drank apple cider vinegar everyday to aid digestion and increase energy, I decided to try it. I loved the results but the taste took getting used to.

I have shared my belief in apple cider vinegar with family and friends for many years. The list of benefits and cures include my daughter’s digestion issues, my daughter-in-law’s migraines, my father’s elimination challenges, and my road warrior husband’s immunity to colds and illness. Friends with young children are staying healthier, cancer survivors ease their nausea, grandmas feel more energetic, and the list goes on and on. The biggest objection to drinking it is always the taste, even though they like the results.

As more and more friends told me how apple cider vinegar was helping them, I decided to create my own certified organic apple cider vinegar in a variety of great tasting flavors, bottled in Napa Valley. Drink it daily and it’s likely to become “Your Body’s Best Friend”. I’d love to hear your stories.

Wishing you good health,

Beverly Parenti
Founder, Certified Fitness Instructor, Business Consultant

Contributions from Dr. Craig Koniver
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Pierrette d’Entremont

An entrepreneur, an innovator, and a mother, Pierrette d’Entremont has found her own way to make a difference.

Pierrette attended The University of Ottawa in the Health Sciences, Human Kinetics program.  While attending university, she developed an appreciation for the art of jewelry making, leading her to metalsmithing, beading and business workshops.  In 2001, her vision of offering fine handcrafted jewelry, developed with material knowledge and ethically conscious suppliers, became a reality when she opened a business “Bijoux Pierrette d’Entremont” in her home town of West Pubnico, Nova Scotia.

Pierrette suffers from Tourrette Syndrome, an inherited neuropsychiatricdisorder characterized by the presence of multiple physical and vocal tics. A Mother of three with one child who has inherited Tourrette Syndrome, Pierrette continues on her mission to make a difference.
While raising her three children and running her jewelry business, Pierrette developed the HeartString Baby’s Companion, initially conceived to be a purposeful distraction while bottle feeding, breastfeeding or holding a baby.  Pida Infant & Maternity Products Ltd. was born. The HeartString Baby’s Companion is safe, non-toxic and unbreakable, acting as a tactile and visual aid to soothe baby and to encourage cognitive development. This measured safety feature may also widen the market to children with specials needs.  The HeartString Baby’s Companion was recognized recently by being awarded 2nd place in an I-3 Technology start-up competition (Idea – Innovation – Implementation).
Some inspirational people are everyday people who find their own way to make a difference, Pierrette is an extraordinary women who has distinguished herself through her astonishing achievements.

You can visit Pierrette here:

I am also a moderator at @thecoffeeklatch a support place for parents of specila needs kids.9-11 am EST Mon-Friday

Who In The World Is Josh Schlottman & How Can He Help Me Get Into The Absolute Best Frickin’ Shape Of My Life?


Josh Schlottman went from being a high school and college player to a personal trainer and sports performance coach.  After graduating from Sacramento State University with a degree in Nutrition he became Fitness Director at his local gym where he had been a trainer for the past few years.

Josh has also coached high school basketball players as well as led their strength and conditioning programs.  Along with being an American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer he is also a strength and conditioning specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

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Joel Lamoureux

To make change in your life you need to be able to accept change and that is something that Joël Lamoureux knows from the inside out.

Joël had the weight of the world on his back—quite literally. At 600 lbs, he was suffering from serious health issues, fear and a smashed sense of self. His body was literally suffocating around him.

His journey spans four decades, speaks volumes to the crushing blows taken on self esteem, the enrichment of life through good heart health focus on mental wellness and spirit and great amounts of fitness.

Although the change is most noteable in a physical view once you hear more from Joël you realize that his change is physical, mental and spiritual.  His story is one of inspiration, motivation and education. Once you hear it, you will believe in the possibilities; all possibilities, no matter what the ultimate goal.

No obstacle is too overwhelming and there is always hope.  No matter what!

Today is your first day will become the first day of really living the life you are meant to live.

Here is a “Hidden Heroes” video. See Joel in action at the gym and here him explain his story in his own unique voice.

You can visit Joel at :


I am living the life I’ve imagined! I am so extraordinarly grateful for the wonderful life I live! I get to live to give value to others lives!

“Create the enthusiasm, gratefulness, and happiness in your life, that you would like to see in others”

Chip Esajian

“How we perform in front of people today has everything to do with our past, and gives a preview of tomorrow”

Chip Esajian

“Build your happiness on such extreme gratefulness for the miracle you are, that financial gain or loss doesnt move you”

Chip Esajian

“Every life you give the breath of victory and hope to, adds to the extraordinary abundance in your own life”

Chip Esajian

“To encourage another towards victory in their life, is to create another level of happiness and abundance in yours”

Chip Esajian

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