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The Internet is such a great tool.

I remember having to go to a Doctors office, waiting in line, coming out often hours later, not knowing more than I did going in. That was really frustrating.

We have put our hands in the hands of others for too long.  It’s time we all stood up and said,”I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired all the time”. Yes, it is time to use the tools we have, the communications we had no idea existed, and start using them to take control of our own health.

  • No more waiting around
  • No more guessing games

Perfect Health is all about learning. One step at a time. We need to learn how to eat again, yes start  understanding foods and teaching ourselves, one step at a time.

The Internet “has” all the tools we need.

Here at Thee Quest we collaborate with experts from around the world. We supply you with options, opinions, expertise, all of which can help you make an informed decision. Finished are the days when we had 1 Doctor and we put our blind faith in the hands of one individual. That system is falling apart, all over the world.

My good friend Steve Cooksey (diabeteswarrior) put it this way,”Do you practice Healthcare or Deathcare?” Is your health care provider available to help your stay healthy or only available to prevent you from dying?

Don’t get me wrong, the medical field is doing the best it can to keep up with the demand. I am just suggesting that the time has come to start taking care of our own health and to use the tools we have to help us make decisions that affect our lives, on our own.

“People are sick everywhere you look. Listen to the conversation at work? People are talking “sick” around the water cooler. Teens are discussing options to fight diabetes at school. Obesity is ramp-id all over the world. Diabetes, Cancer, Hearth disease, Suicide, Ritalin, Chemotherapy, Bariatric surgery…. just to name a few, have become part of our daily vocabulary. Is that normal?”

Thee Quest is a compass to guide you to make informed decisions.

  1. We take you to people that have done the research.
  2. We offer you varied opinions to help you study and weigh your options.
  3. We supply you with tools that let you practice. 
  4. We give you an Internet forum type of format that let’s you carry information by your side.
  5. It permits you to engage and exchange information with all the people around you.
  6. It sits with you at the dinner table and can follow you on holidays and on your field trips or anywhere your hectic lifestyle takes you.

Enough about Thee Quest for now.

Here is another great article from Russell James:The Raw Chef

You will be hearing more about him in the next litlle while because of what he stands for and all the research he has done. He is a great teacher and has lived the lifestyle he talks about.

Pierrette & I search out and find the ones we feel really care. To do that they all have suffered, maybe just like you are right now.

Here is the article

The Top 5 To Clear Your Skin
You may or may not know that I was drawn to eating these because I was trying to clear up my skin, having suffered with acne for over 10 years form my mid-teens.

In my quest for clearer skin I started with juicing, then went on a 7 day fast, giving me some great results as far as clearing my skin is concerned, and then maintained and improved it further with eating raw foods.

For most of that time I’ve been eating exclusively these but I don’t like to limit myself and impose boundaries that will make me feel restricted (which cab lead to failure). In the last 5 to 6 years of eating these I’ve found that by staying at least 80% raw (it’s actually been much higher than that) I’m really happy with the way my skin looks, which is something I never could have imaged myself saying when I first started out.

What I’ve also learnt is that there are a few key foods that will ‘turbo charge’ my efforts in getting my skin as clear as possible, which is what I want to share with you here.

It’s been written before that your skin is a good indicator of your health in general, and for me that’s been true; whenever I’ve noticed a particularly clear complexion I’ve also felt very good physically, and as having an awareness of being, “comfortable in my own skin”.

Here are my top 5 for clearer skin…

Flax is one of those ingredients that I notice a benefit in my skin within a few days of eating it. I can remember the first time I ate a batch of flax crackers over the course of 3 days and noticed how smooth and soft my skin had become (no, these are not the kind of conversations a man normally has with himself).

So why do I notice such a benefit from eating relatively small amounts of flax?

It’s all to do with the high levels of omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids, which not only make my skin clearer and softer, but will also clear up any dryness, moisturising from the inside.

Modern diets tend to be lacking in omega 3 essential fatty acids so eating flax can redress that balance.

Also, those omega 3 & 6 fats tend to prevent the pores in the skin clogging up, which is a cause of spots.

I mentioned in the opening section that the skin is a good indicator of overall health. This can be seen in a literal sense when we know that each of our cells’ membranes are made up in part of essential fatty acids. If the ‘skin’ of the cell is kept healthy the cells that make up our skin are also healthy, giving us clear skin.

There’s no nice way to say this; MSM tastes awful. But it’s also an amazing thing for your skin and worth the few seconds of bitterness in your mouth for the results.

Not only will you benefit from its skin softening and clearing qualities, you’ll also get the benefit of MSM’s ability to ease any areas where you have muscle tightness such as your back.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is a natural form of organic sulfonyl sulphur compound that is found in the fluid of all living organisms. It originates from the ocean and reaches our foods through rainfall.

It has been said that MSM is as important as vitamin C in our diets. It plays such a major role in so many of the functions of our bodies, including the health of out skin.

It’s also a great hormone balancer and will result in stronger hair and nails, amongst a huge list of other benefits.

The problem there is that with the advent of methods such as hydroponic growing out food doesn’t always see rainfall – yet another reason to start growing your own.

The best way I’ve found to take MSM is to dissolve 1 heaped tablespoon in a glass of water and gulp it back, getting it over and done with as soon as possible.

Good ole wheatgrass…I’ve heard you can put it on your skin with great effect, but I prefer to have a couple of ounces to drink in the morning.

This is another one of those things that I notice an almost instant positive effect on my skin, making it clearer and smoother.

Wheatgrass has every vitamin and mineral that we need with the exception of B12 and vitamin D.

Some people are more recently getting into using barley grass as its true benefits are being realised to perhaps even outweigh that of wheatgrass.

Wheatgrass is an acquired taste, even amongst people who are very used to eating simple things and have adjusted their taste buds.

It’s very sweet but not necessarily in a way that is pleasing, although there’s always one lucky person in a group that really enjoys the flavour.

Here are my tips for being able to drink wheatgrass juice if you really can’t stand the taste:

Knock back your shot of wheatgrass (about 1oz to 2ozs is a good place to start) and then without breathing through your nose (you can breathe through your mouth, but when you breathe through your nose that’s when you experience the taste) suck on a segment of orange.

By the time you’ve sucked the juice from the orange you should find that the wheatgrass taste had all but disappeared.

Coconut oil
Although I love to use this ingredient in a recipe, it’s best for my skin when I use it as a moisturiser.

A simple wash with your favourite face wash (I use water only) and then and LIGHT moisturising with coconut oil does wonders for the skin. I say a light moisturising with coconut oil because we don’t want to go overboard with putting oils on the skin, even the good ones. That can lead to clogged pores – the cause of spots in the first place.

It felt very strange for me the first time I ever put coconut oil on my skin; I was so used to trying to keep anything oily away form my skin that I really thought it would make the problem worse.

What I found was that a small amount of this particular raw food that’s easily absorbed by the skin, with its vitamin E, antiseptic medium chain fatty acids and antioxidant properties was fantastic in keeping my skin moisturised all day with just one application.

I know, I know, everyone always tells you to drink plenty of water when it comes to clearing up your skin.

This is probably one of the only good bits of advice I got form the doctor when I was a twenty-something, looking for ways to clear up my skin. That was back in the days I was taking all kinds of antibiotics and lotions for my skin.

I did actually notice a difference when I did it but found I wasn’t very consistent with my water drinking and got a little despondent with it. I’ve found the best way to make sure I’m getting enough water along with my raw foods is this: I bought myself a 1.5l Sigg bottle (guarantees not to leach metal into the water) which I fill up at the start of the day. I fill it with spring water I’ve collected myself but if that’s not an option for you just use the best water you have available to you right now.

By the way, that’s another philosophy that I’ve found really useful; do the best with what you have and always striving to be moving towards the next level. That applies to raw foods as much as it applies to anything in life.

So why is water so good for your skin?

This one is really about the overall hydration of your body and making sure that it has the water it needs to function at optimal levels, improving the appearance of your skin.

Water will carry nutrients to every cell in your body, flush out toxins, improve circulation and blood flow, and lubricates your joints.

With those kind of benefits it’s no wonder you’ll see an improvement in your skin.

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